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Product Questions

What kind of fit do these shorts come with?

What colours do Cobba shorts come in?

What’s the difference between a Mid Length and a Knee Grazer?

Which leg length suits me?

When will you release new colours?

How do I select my size?

What happens if I order the wrong size shorts? Can I exchange?

How many pockets are there in Cobba shorts?

Does my phone fit into sneaky phone pocket?

I see there are 6 pockets, what can I carry?

What’s AptGrip waistband?

How does Cobba shorts prevent a plumber’s crack?

How often should I wash my shorts?

How long will these shorts last?

How long does the silver last?

How many features are in Cobba shorts?

How do I take care of my Cobba shorts?

Where is your product made?

Test Drive

What is the Test Drive?

How do I complete my Test Drive order?

How many times can I try Test Drive?

When exactly will I receive my Test Drive shorts?

Test Drive is free - why do you need my credit card?

Order Questions

Where can I buy Cobba shorts?

Can I wear my Cobba to office?

I’d like to order multiple sizes - I might even want to become a stockist? Who do I contact?

Shipping & Returns

Where does Cobba ship?

Does Cobba ship internationally?

How much does shipping?

When exactly will I receive my order?

How do I change or cancel my order?

What’s your return policy?

What if I have an international return?

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