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Our Story

If you’re an urban warrior, you never know where the wind will take you. What starts as a casual brunch can end up at the races, in a secret bar, even on someone’s super yacht. Unpredictable, sure. But boring? Never.

We say, when adventure comes your way, you want to be ready for anything. The only hard part: finding accessories that can keep up with you. A car that can go from Sydney to Melbourne on a single tank. A mate who can get in everywhere (and get away with everything). A phone that never dies mid-swipe. And clothes that are just the right fit, for any occasion.

That’s where Cobba comes in.

Designed and made in Australia, Cobba shorts are made for free-wheeling days and non-stop nights. They’re good looking enough to get past the pickiest bouncer. Comfortable enough to wear day in, day out. And thanks to their mysterious, ever-fresh fabric, they even let you avoid laundry duty for weeks on end.