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Test Drive Time.

Not sure what length to choose? Why not keep your options open – with free shipping and returns, so you can try ‘em both for free.

How To Order Test Drive Shorts

(one Test Drive per customer / existing customers are not eligible / in Australia only)

Step 1

When you see a leg length you like, use the "Add to Test Drive" button 👇to select each of your two pairs of shorts.

Step 2

Always make sure you have two pairs in your Test Drive order. Once you have selected your two pairs, go to cart, review your choices and check out. It’s free.

Step 3

We’ll send you the Test Drive shorts via Auspost. The return shipping label will be sent to you via email after two days
(if needed).

Pick Your Test Drive Shorts


Need A Second Opinion?

No worries – just Instagram a pic of you with the tag #checkmeoutcobba to get a little honest feedback straight from Cobba. (Just make sure your account isn't private.)

BenSmith: I can’t decide which shorts I like best! Left or right? @Cobbastore, what do you think? #checkmeoutcobba

Cobbastore: Hi Urban Warrior! The left one is really flattering on you!