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Stash Your Stuff

Phone? Check. Keys? Check. Credit card? Check. With Non-slip self-sealing hidden pocket bags, there are places to put all your essentials. The fine details are the heart of our products and they are what we spend most of our time on. We designed the perfect solution to stash your stuff and you can be wallet free.
Hidden Card Pocket
Handy Key Pocket
Sneaky Phone Pocket

Don't Go Changing

Crossfit. Coffee date. Cocktail bar. Cobba shorts were made to fit in everywhere you go – so you never need to stop for an outfit change again. Plus, while they’re low key in design, they’ve got some surprisingly hi-tech features.

Mid Length Shorts

Knee Grazer Shorts


"Love the shorts wish I had ordered more! Nice and cool in the Cairns/FNQ humidity."

"I got mine right before a 3 week trip to Thailand, and even though I wore them every day in 30C+ (=sweating a lot) they didn't even smell at the end of the trip. Very awesome product!"

"Can I just say that I love them? They look and fit great, perfect for the warmer weather coming to Melbourne!"