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How Test Drive Works.

(one Test Drive per customer / existing customers are not eligible / in Australia only)

2 shorts, 2 days, 100% free.
You are just 3 EASY STEPS (Pick. Try. Keep.) away from your next adventure.


Find 2 Shorts Online (Pick)

Go to our Test Drive Page. You first need to pick your colour/s and your true size and then select the best two leg lengths for your Test Drive. We’ll ship them to you for free.


Test Drive + Get Feedback (Try)

Once your shorts arrived, try ’em on and see how they look. You have 2 days to live, vibe, run with it and decide which leg length suits you the best, or you may love both.

Ask your friends👬👫, neighbours👽, family🏡 or doggy🐶 what shorts they think you look the best. Take pictures of all two shorts to see them side-by-side. Channel your best Aussie look.

For extra help: post pictures of yourself in all your Cobba glory on Instagram or Twitter with #checkneoutcobba! Our team will give you expert advice in just a few short hours.


Keep What You Like (Keep)

Keep ’em both or send back any returns free of charge (instructions will be included with your shorts). We will take care the rest for you.

Get Excited!

Your new Cobbas will make your life easier than never been before.

Test Drive Now